Thursday, 22 March 2012


Having the iPad in the classroom helped us to learn about math, grammar, creating stories, keyboarding, blogging ( which is really journal writing ), and how to collaborate.  When we had the iPad we used it everyday.  There were very few days that we did not do something with it.  Using the iPad made learning fun and we wanted to learn more.  We found it was a good technology tool because it seemed faster and rarely froze like the netbooks.  We really enjoyed the educational apps and sometimes we didn't even feel like we were learning but we were learning in a entertaining way. It was easier to use than our classroom iPod and it could hold more apps.  

We really would like one for our classroom because it is a good tool for learning and there is so much more we could have done with it.  The teacher used it for assessing whether we knew 2digit by 2digit multiplication and division.   We did more things with the iPad than what we can do with a book.  We took pictures, we songified, we recorded interviews, we researched, and we created.   

WE WOULD LOVE AN IPAD IN OUR CLASSROOM TO HELP US LEARN MORE ABOUT THE WORLD AROUND US!   Thank you for letting us pilot the iPad in our classroom.  Grade 5

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