Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Story robe and iMovie

Today Mrs.Fisher came to help us with Story Robe on the iPad. We had to right down the steps as we went along. We created a comic movie about how to do long division. Every one drew a scene that told the steps and recorded it on the iPad. When we were done recording we listened to it and gave feedback. We can't put music with the story on Story Robe so we tried it on iMovie and we can put music on iMovie so we chose music for it and listened to it with the music. Later on we uploaded it to YouTube and you can search for it. The video is called math mania.


  1. I had a great afternoon and am excited about coming back to teach and learn more technology with you. I hope you had fun too.

  2. We did have fun and we are really happy about toontastic being an app we can explore more!